Entry #2

My tablet is back, but I'm bored

2017-03-11 02:35:21 by cloket


Two days ago, on March 9th, the wacom factory changed my old tablet by a new version, and now I can make new drawings.

                           The old tablet.                                                                                 The new tablet.

5571085_148921731852_215106.jpg                  5571085_148921739551_140508.jpg


The problem is that I'm bored with drawing in digital because I'm not really good in this yet and I want to practice first in paper a little more, I want to buy some books for practice the perspective, poses, etc.


Anyway I'm doing two drawing, the first for newgrounds and the second for a homework, Bhat do you think about this, should I left the digital drawing for practice a little?, should I continue with this?, or you don't give a f*ck (again) and wich tablet do you think looks better?.

Let me know your opinion please and thanks for reading. :D


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