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Posted by cloket - March 13th, 2018

        Today in the afternoon I was drawing a character in front and I saw that it was crooked, Always that I draw in this position its bad proportioned or is crooked but when I draw in antoher position its fine (or at least acceptable xD)

(An example of "another position")


        I don't know if this is something normal or really I'm just an idiot and this is easier than the rest of position. If someone could answer me my cuestion and tell me how could I practice to solve the problem I would be very grateful.

        Thanks for read :D


P.S: Is it bad to use the stabilizer and the pen in Sai?

Posted by cloket - March 11th, 2017


Two days ago, on March 9th, the wacom factory changed my old tablet by a new version, and now I can make new drawings.

                           The old tablet.                                                                                 The new tablet.

5571085_148921731852_215106.jpg                  5571085_148921739551_140508.jpg


The problem is that I'm bored with drawing in digital because I'm not really good in this yet and I want to practice first in paper a little more, I want to buy some books for practice the perspective, poses, etc.


Anyway I'm doing two drawing, the first for newgrounds and the second for a homework, Bhat do you think about this, should I left the digital drawing for practice a little?, should I continue with this?, or you don't give a f*ck (again) and wich tablet do you think looks better?.

Let me know your opinion please and thanks for reading. :D

Posted by cloket - February 24th, 2017

I made a remake from my not so old drawing.


When my tablet it failed I had to send it to the factoryand after watch some images about the drawing guide (that thing of the circles and the lines) I decided to practice that and I made some drawings in paper (that i LOVE them and I wanna do in digital too).

One month and half of practice later I said to me " I want to do a remake" then I choosed this drawing cause this is my own favorite character (she has even an story) and I started to draw. I was scared by the result of the head cause y think that it's the most important thing in a person and if I made it so different from the original the remake would be bad (like all the movies remake), but after all I think it's better than original in all the aspects.

After I fhinished the sketch I wanted to color it, so I scanned and printed it (for security) and I did it.

Now here is the result of the remake, I love how it looks, definitely better than the first (or that's what I think), the first image is eight month ago, in August 6th. While the new image was finished two days ago (February 22nd).








What do you think about it, does it look better?, is the same?, or you don't give a f*ck.  xD.

Let me know your opinion please and thanks for reading. :D


P.S: I had to remake this post too, because when i was to finish it, the web restarted and this can't save. Ù _ Ú